How to become a writer without a degree?

For many of us, becoming a writer is easier said than done. Most people think that writing requires a certain level of education to be done properly. They are under the impression that writers are only considered as such if they have literature or linguistic degrees under their belt. However, some of the most famous writers such as Charles Dickens and H.G. Wells never graduated from college due...
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Where to find an inspiration to study

Studying can oftentimes be a very tedious thing, especially when you have a million other things you would rather do. You might feel like you’ve completely lost your motivation and there’s nothing interesting about this subject you’re trying so hard to concentrate on. If you’re in need of finding some inspiration to finally focus on studying and stay productive, here are some simple an...
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Comparing and contrasting two Philosophers

Philosophy is a subject that has drawn interest from many scholars based on the way it improves one’s cognitive ability from the interpretation of its concepts. The elucidation of these theories based on the varied ways in which different people can understand the world further makes the subject interesting. Because of these differing techniques, the historical icons in the subject of...
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Women and Theology

Delores Williams is a womanist theologian who used her well-known book, “Sisters in the Wilderness” to highlight the plight of African- American women. Williams wrote this book with the intention of getting the much-needed attention on racism and white supremacy as well as black male dominance. She metaphorically uses the biblical figure of Hagar, Abraham’s concubine, to give meaning to the...
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Analysis about the Uniform Market of Polo Shirt at UWCSEA

The paper identifies the contestation of companies in the school uniform market including the companies like Bibi & Baba and CPD. The operations of these companies in this market can be measured by identifying two important areas including The overall industry operating in the Singapore polo shirts market should have the assumptions of conducting their operations with no or low entry...
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