We are two college best friends studying business in Ithaca College School of Business. Even though we love our college and the knowledge it provides to us, it didn’t take us both long to realize we are in love with writing.

This is pretty much how our blog got started. We both wanted to be able to express ourselves and to share our knowledge about writing with others. We decided we wanted to be able to help fellow college students by giving tips on all sorts of things we ourselves found hard at times.

We like to focus on offering tips on writing for all people who aspire to be writers. It’s really a skill that you can acquire and we are both living examples of this fact. The more you work on improving your writing and the more your try, the better you will become.

We also like to write about tips on studying and how students can improve themselves and their productivity through some simple and easy tips everyone can follow. We don’t aim towards creating articles that are hard to read. We wish to have readers from all types of colleges and backgrounds who can gain something from the things we post on our site.

While we are both very busy with our everyday life and college obligations, this blog is our happy place and we always make sure to find some time to write a new post so we can interact with our viewers and help solve questions that you might have.

There’s nothing that can make us happier than knowing that we helped at least one of our readers to overcome a problem or get a better understanding of writing and expressing yourself. It’s truly rewarding to us and it’s what keeps us going and despite how small this website this is, our plans for the future are great!